2020 Birding Highlights

Quite predictably, birding in 2020 was considerably inhibited. Which is not to say that there wasn’t a lot of interesting birds in the UK – there most definitely was. They just managed to get a little more peace and quiet in 2020. Which, let’s be honest, they probably benefitted from hugely! Despite what few outings I made last year, in winter and early spring some early migrants made up for lost time. Here in limited number is a small collection of photos that I managed to capture (mostly) before the first UK lockdown in March.

A.C. Stark

2 responses to “2020 Birding Highlights”

  1. Lovely photos! We have a pair of robins that come to our garden to feed, and they’re quite friendly. They even feed whilst I’m out there doing my step workout! (We also have a cat but he’s way too inept to catch them, thank goodness!)


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